Curriculum Programs

Our Bible curriculum focuses on teaching and discussing scripture in developmentally appropriate ways for children. Throughout the year we focus on teaching four core values. Those values are that God knows me, Jesus loves me, The Holy Spirit leads me, and I am a child of God.

Creative curriculum is research-based child-centered curriculum recognized by the state and local schools as a pre-kindergarten readiness program. Our curriculum encourages children to be problem-solvers, discover new ideas and learn through hands-on environments. Our preschool curriculum also uses tools like Handwriting Without Tears and Zoophonics to provide students with hands-on learning for reading and writing readiness. 

Classes by Grade

Two Infant Rooms

our littlest ones,
6 weeks to one years of age 

(1 adult to 4 children)

6 weeks to one years of age 
(1 adult to 4 children)

Three Toddler Specific Classrooms 

1-2 years old
(1 adult to 4 children) 

1-2 years old 
(1 adult to 4 children)

2-3 years old
(1 adult to 4 children)

One Transition Classroom

 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old 
do not need to be potty-trained  
(1 adult to 8 children)  

Preschool Classrooms 

minimum of 2 years 9 Months 
(1 adult to 10 students) 

minimum of 3 years old 
(1 adult to 10 students)  

minimum of 4 years old

(1 adult to 12 students)  

PreK room
(1 adult to 12 students) 

Traditional Half Day Preschool for 3 & 4 year-olds
(1 adult to 10 students)

School Age Program

 For children who have attended kindergarten through 13th birthday (1 adult to 18 students)          
Before and After during the school year          
Transportation available to all Kentwood Public Schools, Legacy Christian School and Cross Creek          
All day programming during the breaks (Summer, Christmas and Spring Break)   

Special Features

Full-size gymnasium with bikes, trikes, scooters, balls, parachute, floor hockey and more.

Multi-purpose room used for Bible & Worship time, gymnastics class and other specials.

Two full-size playgrounds that are age appropriate and equipped with climbers, slides and a sandbox.