Empowering ALL Believers with Accessible Education

A.N.B.I. provides ...

several non-accredited options to receive certification in various areas of biblical studies. Certifications can be used by lay ministers, or in various occupations that require them.
The Institute will also provide options for those seeking to be ministerial students that are called to become licensed or ordained ministers within The Wesleyan Church.

All classes are $125 each

Ministry Certification Program
After taking the core classes of Intro to Old/New Testament, Church History, Doctrine of Holiness during year one, students may then choose from the following certificate programs:

Spiritual Formation

Ministry Licensing Program

Lay Minister (5-Pack)
 Church History and Discipline
 Introduction to Theology
 Introduction to New Testament
 Methods of Bible Study
 Church Leadership and Management

License Minister (6-Pack)
 Five-Pack from Lay Minister + Intro to Homiletics

Ordination Minister
Candidates will meet with ANBI staff to determine program based on eligibility and transferability

Our Mission

The All Nations Bible Institute (A.N.B.I.) is a postsecondary school created by Kentwood Community Church. We provide biblical education and develop laborers to impact God’s Kingdom.

Our Vision

We believe that every Christian deserves to have the ability to grow in their faith, and become stronger followers of Christ, despite their skin color, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, age or gender. This is the way the A.N.B.I. strives to create accessible learning opportunities for all Christians who are hungry to deepen their intimacy with God.

Who can attend A.N.B.I.

Congregants | 
Believers who wish to deepen their biblical knowledge and understanding of their faith.

Lay Pastors | 
Lay people whom God has called to special service in their local church and/or district. They serve under their pastor’s direction and as opportunity affords.

Missions | 
Lay people who are called to the international missions field and want a firm foundation.

Ministerial Student | 
A student who meets the leadership qualifications of The Wesleyan Church who confesses a call to be a minister.

Those interested in becoming a …

Licensed Minister | 
An individual who desires a ministerial calling and gifts that have been formally recognized by a district conference, through the granting of a ministerial license which serves as authorization for and appointment to actual service in the ministry, subject to supervision and evaluation, as a step toward ordination.

Ordained Minister | 
An individual who wants to meet all the academic, spiritual and governmental standards of The Wesleyan Church. They have authority to preach, administer baptism, serve the sacraments, perform weddings, transfer from one district to another, and serve in any position in district government that they qualify for and to vote in district conference sessions.

Ministry Engagement Opportunities at KCC

Local Church Cohort |
The local church ministry cohort provides mentoring, training and education for someone that desires to lead ministry within the local church context.

Market Place Cohort |

The marketplace ministry cohort is designed to train and equip those that desire to lead ministry in any setting outside the traditional church context, like the workplace or business sector.

Missions Cohort |

The global ministry cohort provides mentoring, training and preparation for those that desire to lead ministry international.

Micro-Church Cohort |

The Micro-Church Cohort provides small gathering of Christ followers seeking to share the gospel through worship, community and meaningful mission to engage nonbelievers.

Denominational Ministry Training

Pastoral Residency Program | 
Equips and develops participants to discover and fulfill their call in the full-time pastoral ministry through mentoring, instruction experience and modeling.

Internships Program | 

Provides college students with valuable hands-on experience in a religious sector, and non-profits environment.

ANBI  Testimony

"The experience I had with this class was a lot different than I expected. I have never read the Bible completely through just followed different books. I really enjoyed this because the teachers all had a different way to present the Bible. This class brought me closer in understanding the way that God works for us everyday. I took both classes and am so glad that I did. I feel so much closer to God and I am listening more to how he is working in my life right now." 
Cheryl Cutrara, ANBI Student

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$125 per class
Monday and/or Thursday Nights

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