All Nations Bible Institute

Mission & Vision Overview

The Mission of A.N.B.I
The All Nations Bible Institute (A.N.B.I.) is a postsecondary school created by Kentwood Community Church. We provide biblical education for the entire body of Christ as well as those who feel called into ministry.

The Vision of A.N.B.I.
We believe that every Christian deserves to have the ability to grow in their faith, and become stronger followers of Christ, despite their skin color, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, age or gender. This is the way the A.N.B.I. strives to create accessible learning opportunities for all Christians who are hungry to deepen their intimacy with God.

Ministry Certifications and Licensing Options
The A.N.B.I. provides several options to receive certification in various areas of biblical studies. In Addition, the Institute will provide options for those seeking to be ministerial students on the path to becoming licensed or ordained ministers within The Wesleyan Church.

Ministry Certification Program
1. Theology
2. Spiritual Formation
3. Apologetics
4. Leadership
5. Missions
6. Bible
7. Discipleship

Licensing Process
1. Lay Minister (5-Pack)
 Wesleyan History and Discipline
 Introduction to Theology
 Introduction to New Testament
 Introduction to Homiletics
Church Leadership and Management

2. License Minister (6-Pack)
 Five-Pack from Lay Minister + Old Testament
3. Ordination Minister

Ministerial Track

Lay Pastors
Lay people whom God has called to special service in their local church and/or district. They serve under their pastor’s direction and as opportunity affords.

Ministry Engagement

Local Church Cohort
The local church ministry cohort provides mentoring, training and education for someone that desires to lead ministry within the local church context.

Market Place Cohort
The marketplace ministry cohort is designed to train and equip those that desire to lead ministry in any setting outside the traditional church context, like the workplace or business sector.

Missions Cohort
The global ministry cohort provides mentoring, training and preparation for those that desire to lead ministry international.

Micro-Church Cohort
Small gathering of Christ followers seeking to share the gospel through worship, community and meaningful mission to engage nonbelievers..

Ministry Equipping

Pastoral Residency Program
Equip and develop participants to discover and fulfill their call in the full-time pastoral ministry through mentoring, instruction experience and modeling.

Internships Program
Provide college students with valuable hands-on experience in a religious sector, non-profits environment..

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Curriculum & Certifications

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