Our 10-10-80 Budget

KCC uses this practical method that seeks to attain balance between giving, saving and vital needs.

Give 10% | missions and community projects

Save 10% | future ministry initiatives

Spend 80% | budgeted ministry expenses

Give Online

Safe and protected!

Text to Give

text GIVE to 616.522.4175

You will receive a one-time text with a link to complete your gift. 

Give by Envelope

In Church 
You can give in person during a service with the envelopes provided in the seat pocket in front of you. Just place it in the offering as it is passed.

Mail In
If you would prefer to mail in your offering and need envelopes, please contact the church office or call 616.455.1740 and we will make sure you get them! 

Giving is also accessible through the My KCC App!

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