Are you ready to grow closer to God by understanding the Bible better? 

Begins January 1, 2024!

Using the Bible Reading Plan, find the scripture for today!

Write out a verse of
scripture that speaks
to your heart.

Read today's passage and open your heart to the Lord.

What stood out to you about this verse? 
Were there any commands or instructions? 

In your journal, record what the Lord has shown you. 

How can you apply this verse to your life today?
How can you live in light
of this truth?

Write a short prayer about what you have uncovered in your heart. 

Turn these thoughts into prayer. Ask the Lord to show you how to meditate on and apply the scripture to your life.

Watch a video to learn more!


You may get distracted while reading the day's passage. When thoughts like the shopping list, the day's activities, or the forgotten task distract you, use your notepad and write the thought down. This way you won't forget it and it doesn't have to take your attention away from the passage you are reading. Once you write the thought down, immediately re-focus on your passage and SOAP.


James 4:17—So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. 

Too often we look at the lists in the bible about the things we are not to do because they are noted as sin.  The list is endless, lying, cheating, envy, lust, hatred etc.  This verse brings to light that there are things that the Lord desires of us and if we don’t do them we sin.  The greatest example is the great commission found in Matthew 28:18-20.  I must ask myself if this verse applies to me?  If it does and I ignore it then I am sinning according to James 4;17.  It is easy to rationalize this command and say it is for someone else but it is clear that going to the nations and making disciples is for everyone.  And according to this verse if I ignore it, I am sinning against God’s commands. 

I must learn what my role is in going to the nations.  It may not be to live there physically but there are so many ways I can help.  I also need to take seriously this verse about the sin of omission.  Saying YES at all times is critical for an update to date and intimate relationship with Jesus.   I need to listen better!

Lord help me to always respond yes to your promptings in my life.  Give me the courage to do whatever it is you desire of me.  I surrender every area of my life to your will and purpose.  May you be glorified through my obedience.  In Jesus name, Amen!!!!