Our Philosophy

Explore and Grow Christian Learning Center strives for excellence as we help children grow and thrive in a Christian environment. We base our educational efforts on the fundamental values of Christianity.

We view young children as individuals who are curious about their world and have the powerful potential to learn from all that surrounds them. Our teachers expose children to a wide variety of educational opportunities that encourages self-expression, communication, logical thinking, and problem-solving.


Our classrooms are inspiring spaces to wonder, ponder, and learn. Children explore the beauty of nature, science, and natural light while participating in investigations and creating masterpieces.

Inspired Play

Children are able to learn through touching, moving, listening, and observing. Our approach to play inspires curiosity and provokes thoughts, questions, and creativity. Children are self-led while exploring a wide variety of materials (mirrors, loose parts, plants, and more!) in cooperation with teachers who help them ask good questions. 

Inclusive Environment

At Explore and Grow, we love all children, gifts, and abilities. We are an inclusive environment and employ a variety of teaching strategies to meet every child’s needs. Dignity and respect is one of our core values—in every classroom, children participate all together in various activities throughout the day.