Prayer Walks

Want to have a prayer walk?

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” 
- Matthew 18:20

Here are a few helpful tips!

Praying in Jesus name with others is a powerful way to invite Christ to not only hear the petitions, but to lead the prayer by his Spirit, and for his will to be done!

What is needed for a prayer walk?

People to Pray! 
Gather Coworkers, family, neighbors, friends, etc to pray. Avoid having anyone praying alone for safety reasons. Two are better than one!

Prayer Points! 
Why are you praying? Examples: protection, for salvation, restoration, for growth, etc. Organize a few prayer points that are in alignment with scripture and share with your group. Pray scripture!

Decide where to have prayer walk. Maybe at your local church, school, neighborhood, around local business etc. It may be a good idea to have maps of the area if needed. Assign groups to certain areas to cover more ground. Think through the needs of the surrounding area as well. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you during this time.

Pray as an entire group before you break into smaller groups. Decide to come back together as a group at a designated time. End the time with prayer as well.

Try to pray during daylight for safety, feel free to use anointing oil when praying, incorporate fasting with prayer if possible, be willing and open to experience different prayer styles respecting each other as you pray. Expect God to do something using your faith. Be persistent in prayer even after the walk.