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May 13 - 20, 2023

Chichicastenango is an indigenous Mayan town located in the highlands of northwest Guatemala and is the home of Manos de Jesus, a ministry that serves the communities there through tutoring and sports programs, feeding programs and a sponsorship program, meeting the needs of those unable to provide for their families. If needed, the ministry is called upon to build a home or bunk beds or provide a clean cooking stove or water filtration system for those who need one. The people there practice either their native Mayan religion or a combination of Catholicism and Mayan rituals so the need for the gospel and truth is great. Please join us May 13-21 as we come alongside the staff at Manos de Jesus and serve the children and adults of Chichi in a tangible way. Team size is limited to 13 people.

July 20-31,2023

This team will be working with Poetice international in Choma, Zambia serving around the community doing community service and participating in their yearly event "Love Choma"