Neighborhood Engagement

We are making Him known by engaging those who are truly our geographic neighbors. There are many people who are searching for the truth of Christ. We want to partner with those that God is already using to serve our closest neighbors as well as engaging through our own Church outreach opportunities.  How can we serve others around the world if we are not willing to serve those around the block?

Every Child Needs A Place To Belong. At the Woodfield Community Center, we believe that safe adults and safe environments can change the trajectory of a child’s life. Kids at the Woodfield Apartments face the same challenges as other children across America. Studies show that loneliness and depression are devastating our country’s youth, but discovering a sense of belonging at home, school, in friend groups, or in communities significantly reduces these feelings. We exist to be one of these safe places in a child’s life.  By joining the KCC Woodfield team you will have the opportunity to engage with urban youth a few hours each week. (Thursday evenings)  If you are interested in learning more about the Woodfield Community Center simply fill out your information below and our Local Outreach Pastor will give you a call.  

Streams is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization rooted in the southeast side of Grand Rapids. Since 2006 we have continually worked to plant the seeds of positive change in our neighborhood. We believe that by combining resources and creating programs that specifically target the needs of our community, we can be a conduit through which the stream of God’s blessing flows.  As a KCC partner with Streams you will have the opportunity to volunteer within their Food Center, mentoring programs or summer experience. To learn more about plugging into Streams just fill out the boxes below and our Local Outreach Pastor will get a hold of you to connect you with the Streams team.  

We want to provide green space to grow fresh produce as well as create space to grow deeper relationships.  Our initial goal is to grow enough produce to provide our Wednesday Open Table ministry with fresh vegetables as well as bless our local community.  If you are interested in getting engaged in this grass roots outreach please fill out the form below and our Community Garden coordinator will contact you as soon as possible. [breaking ground spring 2023]  

At Kentwood Community Church we want to be intentional at proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. If you have a heart and desire to engage in local evangelism then this is the team to be a part of. On a consistent basis this team will go door to door in the local Kentwood area to invite families to KCC, pray for people offer up an act of service (shovel driveway) or simply give out a small treat and a huge smile.  If this is an engagement area that you are interested in please fill out the form below and our Outreach pastor will contact you.