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Your volunteering and giving has allowed KCC to provide outdoor drive-in services and expanded Wifi in our parking area during COVID safe-distancing. This has allowed participants to experience in-person services and fast internet connection while viewing service elements on the My KCC App.  As many as 320 cars have been present every Sunday to experience distanced fellowship, God’s Word and the Body of Christ because of volunteers and technology.
We served 564 meals at the community Heat and Eat, with 275 care food boxes and hygiene bags distributed to the community, KCCers and Nepali families through the donations received from our church family! What a huge blessing!
Your volunteering has allowed KCC to host five blood drives and collect 153 pints of blood from 156 donors. Now 459 patients can receive life-saving blood! Also, because of our willingness to open our doors to  both KCC members and the community, we were able to fill every order sent in by hospitals both in GR and around the State.
Your generosity allows KCC to offer internships in social media to local college students where they can communicate the hope of Jesus, along with ways we are providing practical support and opportunities to serve, reaching over 170,000 people on Facebook* alone, during the stay-at-home order. *additionally on Instagram
During the COVID-19 crisis, KCC has partnered with Kid’s Food Basket and is caring for our community through weekly food distribution. So far over 1,500 snack bags have been distributed. Caring for other’s in need displays God’s love for the world.
Classes and events to encourage women in growing in their faith and cultivating relationships with each other are provided throughout the year. REAL Sisters, Chatterbox, RUTH, Celebration of Women, Women’s Bible Studies and Small Groups all allow women to grow and serve Jesus together!
Equipping 18 to 30 year-olds to become disciples who make disciples to multiply God’s Kingdom takes place each month through our Young Adult Ministry. They are fed physically and spiritually as they gather for a light meal, worship and teaching and find connection with God and one another.

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KCC’s Wyoming Campus has utilized our church grounds as a blessing to the community in many ways. KCC has hosted outdoor cookouts, concerts, Metro Cruise events, along with many other gatherings supporting our community!

KCC’s Kentwood Campus has utilized our church grounds as a blessing to the community in many ways. KCC has hosted outdoor cookouts, concerts, food distribution, Easter Egg Hunts, the GR Mud Run and South Kent National Night Out, along with many other gatherings supporting our community!

KCC has utilized our church grounds as a blessing to the community in many ways. KCC has hosted outdoor cookouts, concerts, food distribution, Easter Egg Hunts, the GR Mud Run, South Kent National Night Out and Metro Cruise events, along with many other gatherings supporting our community!

KCC utilizes a service to shred and recycle documents to assure the privacy of our congregants. This service allows us to protect privacy and God’s creation by saving almost 46 trees in the past year.

KCC has utilized our church facilities as a blessing to the community in many ways. Since 1998 KCC Has hosted over 100 Christian and Public school graduations, concerts and various gatherings.

KCC has the privilege of serving and supporting our congregation in times of need through care touches. Over the last three years KCC’s Care Department has averaged over 150 care touches per month!

KCC’s Outreach Ministry provided $2,000 in scholarships so that ten kids from the Woodfield Community Center could experience SpringHill Day Camp and learn about Jesus through meaningful lessons built into activities that are both fun and character building.

Students face all kinds of challenges. In 2019, 76 KCC students received free transportation to attend NTS Camp, with 27 of those receiving full or partial tuition scholarships. At camp students gain an understanding of God’s unique design for their lives and a network of relationships to help them pursue God.

Real Kidz Camp at the Wyoming Campus has made a Kingdom impact for families in our community! This summer, a total of 136 kids attended camp, including 82 that don’t attend church! The following Sunday, 17 new families from camp joined us for the service!

The Woodfield Community Center builds relationships with at risk kids and their families by sharing love and friendship in the name of Christ. This summer our Local Outreach Ministry awarded 10 scholarships ($2,000) for these students to attend SpringHill Day Camp!

KCC’s Kentwood Campus hosted the annual community event, National Night Out. We distributed 1,000 bags with candy and invitations to KCC so we can be an intentional church that invites ALL people of our community to learn about Jesus!

KCC launched the Woodfield Community Center in Woodfield Apartments 13 years ago, providing a safe place for kids to play, get help with homework, and experience the love of Christ. Visit to learn more about this vital ministry!

165 million people live in Bangladesh, and less than 1% follow Jesus Christ. KCC has partnered with Bangladesh Youth First Concerns since 1995 to help transform the lives of young people living on the streets, addicted to drugs, and affected by HIV/AIDS.

KCC engages local and global communities by:
· Showing love to orphans, vulnerable children, and refugees;
· Providing life-giving clean water, sanitation, and hygiene;
· Multiplying disciples, leaders, and churches;
· Fostering sustainable community development

KCC has blessed more than 1,500 children with Christmas gifts through our partnership with the Family Network of Wyoming and Toys for Tots who otherwise would not have had a gift.

Over 13,000 children are in foster care in Michigan.* KCC’s Families of Promise Closet of Hope blessed over 600 foster and adoptive children last year with top-quality clothes, toys, personal care items, and more.*source:

There are over three billion people … without access to the gospel.* KCC equips church leaders with sustainable models for multiplying disciples and has helped to launch over 25 churches in the U.S. and overseas year-to-date.

Twelve KCC reading tutors serve an average of two hours a week at Pinewood Middle School in Kentwood. Each student who has a tutor improved one grade level or more over their former performance on reading test scores!

In South Sudan, 40% of the population have been displaced and face extreme hunger due to civil war and famine. KCC works with Partners in Compassionate Care to improve health and food security in the village of Jalle.

Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty. In 2002 KCC partnered with India Youth for Christ to build a school in a rural village called Zilpa (40 miles from Nagpur). Since then more than 350 children have received a quality education, nutritious hot meals and access to medical care each year.

Over 10,000 displaced people are refugees in Mozambique. Your giving is improving health, food security and economic opportunity for thousands of refugees living in the Maratane Refugee Camp* and in the city of Nampula.

In Kent County, 11.8%* are food insecure. Because of your generous giving, $15,000 in supplemental food was provided for local families served by community food pantries. Thank you for giving! *

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